Outdoors For Fitness

Welcome to Outdoors for fitness, a website dedicated to heling people get and stay fit without needing a gym membership. As a qualified personal trainer I have spent many years working in gyms and health clubs, and I really loved my job. Gyms most certainly are an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle and they provide a social community which is so important. Having said that I wanted to create a website for those of you that simply prefer being outdoors whilst exercising. As much as I love being in a gym There is no greater feeling for me in a fitness context than when I go running or walking by the sea or any body of water for that matter.
As a personal trainer I hope I can offer interesting ideas and suggestions for you, that will benefit you and help you to lead a fulfilling life.

About Me

With over 15 years experience as a personal trainer in the westcountry my 2 main passions are health and outdoor living. So creating this website was a natural choice. I specialise in weight loss, toning and I am really passionate about working with people that wouldn't usually exercise. In my opinion everyone deserves to have a healthy life and benefit from feeling better about themselves.

Fitness Friends

Personal trainer Plymouth Carl Turner has also kindly offered to write fitness articles for our website he is very experienced as a home personal trainer. He owns and runs South Devon Fitness a website that offers a wide range of fitness servives across Plymouth, South Hams and Torbay.

Carl Turner

Recently I went kayaking which was great fun, I met with friends and spent 2-3 hours out on the water. This was fantastic core exercise and my arms and upper back had a workout like I have never experienced before. I am aiming to try something new each month, or at least do something I do rarely each month.

“You don't take a photograph you make it”

Ansel adams